Quelles sont, selon vous, les choses qui vont changer le visage de notre métier ces 10 prochaines années?

Here is my 10 cents worth, or in other words : les 10 choses qui, selon moi, vont avoir un impact sur notre métier. Je me réjouis de vos commentaires, en français ou en anglais. Cordialement, Doris

To ensure we agree about what stands behind the letters PR, I quickly looked it up in Wikipedia

Public relations, abbreviated as PR, primarily concerns enhancing and maintaining the image for businesses, non-profit organizations, events or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians.

Any present and future PR job demands a good understanding: sociological, cultural and technical, of present and upcoming digital communication technologies. Using new technology with old PR methodology will not give best results. There is space to innovate, reinvent and take calculated risks.

1)    PR is no longer a one way street from organization (politician, celebrity) to consumer. People at the receiving end expect to be able to comment and give immediate feedback

2)    Using many different online communication channels is a must. Today it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google, but other players will no doubt appear over the next 10 years

3)    A reputation is more fickle than ever. Difficult and next to impossible to control information as it is shared globally; rumors can be started with a mouse click

4)    Multimedia, specifically online video, will be a major communication tool. A recent Forbes study (Forbes-Insights/December 2010) puts forward that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch the video if both text and video are available on the same topic and on the same page. This percentage will get higher as younger people join the Board of Directors

5)    Interactive multimedia content will become the norm: polls, live comments, immediate sharing

6)    The public and private sphere will merge even more. The US does not have the same sensitivity on the issue as Europeans. This is going to be a major issue with a potential danger of diminished human rights.

7)    Clothes, accessories, even bodies (skin for example) will become communication channels.

8)    New elites will form, rejecting digital media consumption. Not being connected will become an indicator of high social standing.

9)    The number of fully and locally employed PR persons will diminish. There will be producers interacting locally, with work being outsourced globally.

10)    Small PR players still have a chance, if they play locally and integrate globally

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