Consider two elements when budgeting for your video

Element 1

We have 3 animation types: 1. Quick and Nifty 2. Cartoon Animations 3. Movies

Element 2

To give you a rough pricing idea, we use 1 minute as a basic unit. As a general yardstick, about 125 words make up a one minute animation. Lots can be said with 125 words!

To summarize

Our pricing starts at CHF 800. All depends on what your needs are. The Pricing Reference Table here below gives you some idea about how our tariffs evolve. If you have a moment, please fill in the form further down. Otherwise call me on +41 079 251 41 20 and we can arrange to do this together.

Pricing Reference Table in CHF.
To get an exact price, please fill in the Form here below.

*subsequent minutes are 20% to 30% less expensive

Hello, I am Doris Edwards, Project Manager for High On Video.

Now that you have a rough idea about our pricing, I hope you’ll give us the chance to make you a detailed quote by filling in the form here below.

There are no strings attached and we are pleased and keen to respond to your specific needs.

But before we submit the Quote, we would like to have a “touchy feely” exchange with you.

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I prefer to be contacted by EmailSkypeDoris, please invite me to your virtual conference room so that we can share information visuallyI will call you, Doris on +41 079 251 41 20
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Animation Style The Quick and NiftyCartoon AnimationsThe Movie
Objective EXPLAIN your product or serviceTELL about your organisation – internal or externalTEACH how to use your product or service
Distribution and Marketing As a promotional video on a web pageAs internal communicationAs a Marketing CampaignAs an Online course
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