We produce 3 animation types that have the potential of satisfying all your video needs. Please view examples in each category here below.

The Quick and Nifty Cartoon Animations The Movie

The Quick and Nifty

Here is a 2-minute potpurry of quick and nifty animation. We produce in any language, with emphasis on English, French and German. You give us your favorite logos, colours, backgrounds and we produce the videos to meet your specific needs. Voice-overs are carefully selected to delight your target audience.

Are you a Busy Professional who loves to acquire new information in an efficient and yet playful way? We help you create scenarios that make your audience smile. Here is an example entitled “Are you bored at meetings?”

Video is a great way to touch your audience’s emotions and feelings. Consider it when you want to share an idea, celebrate a passion or give good advice. People tell us that they like this simple animation about Mind Maps and Creative Thinking.

Cartoon Animations

We particularly enjoy creating high quality cartoons. In this example the subject is about spending less money to reach more potential clients than was ever possible with traditional advertising. We can call on a large number of voice over artists to accompany the animation, to ensure maximum impact on your target audience.

Don’t underestimate cartoons! They are a powerful way for communicating complex information in a playful way. And what’s more, the characters may be drawn from scratch, for maximum emotional effect on the target audience. In this example, our target audience are lady sales and marketing managers and we’ve given the cartoon a slightly female touch. Do you like it?

The Movie

Here is a demo reel produced by one of our carefully chosen Partners who specialise in sophisticated movie productions. HighOnVideo customers get privileged access and tariffs!

This is a clip produced in our Studio. We invited a management consultant to talk about Effective Business Writing. Whilst filming, we used a “Green Screen” background. This gives us a completely free hand later, to blend in any text or animation we chose. We can do Green Screen shooting at your very own offices!

This is another Studio movie. We can cover any topic under the sun! Here we have Elaine, a certified “Pilates” coach, show us exercises we can do when we spend (too) much time in front of the computer: to prevent and relieve pain in fingers, hands and arms.

The Quick and Nifty 1

The Quick and Nifty 2

The Quick and Nifty 3

Cartoon Animations 1

Cartoon Animations 2

The Movie 1

The Movie 2


The Movie 3