N3 – The Movie (3 examples)

Here we are into real movies.

Short films such as these are a powerful ingredient of an overall communication strategy.

We deliver quality multimedia content at a price that global agencies can’t match. Please ask us for a quote if you have a need in this space.

Our partners are talented video producers but foremost, they know how to run a project and deliver on time. Lots of experience with multinationals.

This example, produced in-house as a test, has taught us a surprising fact. Successful consultants, trainers and coaches are not necessarily comfortable in front of a camera. This was the case here.

Even if it costs a little more, we recommend bringing in professional actors to deliver the script on screen.

This example has been produced in-house a few years ago. It’s been a success, especially with women – men don’t seem to care that much about their health…

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