N2 – Cartoon Animations (4 examples)

This is a down to earth animated cartoon.

It doesn’t have many animated frames or transitions. The story is told in a simple and engaging way. We loved the voice of this particular voice-over artist.

This example is at the lower end of our cartoon pricing range. But sometimes, simple is better, provided that your message is right…

This is another animation type. Whilst there are no drawn characters, the appearance and transition of objects and text are smooth; doesn’t look like a PowerPoint presentation!
This example takes us further into the cartoon world. Here we have drawn characters and objects. Cartoons are a great way to catch viewers’ interest, at any age.

Because cartoons remind us of good times when we were children, and they make us smile. Why not use them to transmit complex topics in a playful and engaging manner?

This is the most sophisticated example on this page. It involves people-like characters and integrates inbuilt interactivity. By entering his height for example, the viewer gets immediate feedback about his maximum and minimum weight.

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