N1 – The Quick and Nifty (4 examples)

This type of video contains simple animations. We sometimes use “PowerPoint” or Apple’s “Keynote” to create the animated sequences.

To make viewers “feel at home”, we include images, diagrams, logos you provide, or stock images we choose for you.

Consider these simple, low cost animations for creating Series of video clips related to a specific topic: for example five short clips would constitute a 10 minute “Mini-training course”.

Let’s imagine:

…a high level manager in his hotel room the night before an important negotiation. He wants to make sure he has thought of all the key negotiation techniques he learnt 6 months back at an expensive training course at IMD.

A pleasant and relevant set of short videos, to be viewed on his iPhone or iPad is a great way to refresh what he already knows but might have forgotten.

If need be, we could even add interactivity, so that he can quickly test his knowledge (in the intimacy of his hotel room…)

Here is a potpurry of simple animations we can do for you, including animated screen captures.

Animation is important, of course, but getting the script right is key. Busy adults will watch only what is directly relevant to their needs.

This example talks about “Boring Meetings”
And this last one introduces the topic of Mind Maps

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