The big picture about Video, Customer Relationship Management and Social Media

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the cornerstones of any profitable business.

But today, your customers are no longer passively waiting until you feed them information: for example  the dispatch of a new catalogue twice a year.

With the emergence of social media, your clients are becoming more involved and more vocal because they have at their fingertips many virtual plateforms where they can express their opinion, their appreciation but also their dissatisfaction – to large communities that share similar values.

As a decision maker – even if you are not particularly motivated by Internet marketing – it’s essential to understand the mechanisms of social media. There are many smart ways to ensure that your products, your services and your brand continue to enjoy an excellent reputation, out there in the global market place.

This month’s video is the first in a series that has the objective of giving you an overall picture of the Internet Marketing scene.

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