Who’s behind HIGH ON VIDEO

Doris Edwards - High On Video.com - Geneva, Switzerland

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HighOnVideo.com provides video production services and belongs to the Geneva based company MS Micro Solutions SARL, founded in 1980 by Doris Edwards.

The video production services we offer at HighOnVideo have evolved into a fully fledged new product line because of our training and coaching experience with busy professionals in multinational and multicultural organisations.

We have been enriching our training services with short and relevant video since 2005, because we know that our clients are busy people who welcome any new and innovative opportunity to acquire knowledge in a smart way.

If you too want to learn smart, consider subscribing to our video blog at Rikki’s Place and join several hundred busy professionals like you.

At HighOnVideo we serve you well. We have experience with “explanation”. And for video production, we build on two of our strongest competencies:

1. Deliver content to demanding professionals who don’t have much time.

2. Create animation to communicate key learning points in an engaging and powerful way.

MS Micro Solutions SARL
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